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Chiropractor near Macquarie Park


Chiropractor near Macquarie Park – Looking for a great Chiropractor near Macquarie Park? Look no further than Ryde Natural Health Clinic! Our Chiropractors Dr Angelo Marketos and Dr Johanna McFadgen have vast experience in treating a variety of problems in patients of any age, from newborns right through to the elderly.

Chiropractor near Macquarie Park – How does Chiropractic work…

Your brain, spinal cord and nerves (ie. your nervous system) controls every part of your body, including your muscles and joints, your tendons and ligaments, your internal organs, and even how individual cells function. If the nervous system is interfered with then it is understandable that there will be adverse effects to your health. Chiropractors are practitioners trained to detect and correct the subtle changes to your spine that interfere with your nervous system.

Optimising joint mobility and vertebrae position removes interferences to your nervous system and may help with managing a range of health conditions including:

  • Headaches, migraines and neck pain
  • Lower back pain, Hip pain, Sciatica and disc symptoms
  • Pregnancy and pediatric related symptoms
  • Flexibility and coordination, balance, strength and rehabilitation
  • and much more!

Furthermore, regular Chiropractic treatments to your spine will enhance the functioning of your nervous system – impacting your overall health and well being and preventing mechanical disorders to your musculoskeletal system. By optimising the position of your spinal vertebrae and joints, your Chiropractor creates a system where nerve signals flow freely from your brain to your body and from your body back to your brain – helping you minimise illness and pain. Your Chiropractor does not use drugs or surgery but instead uses gentle ‘adjustments’ that correct the mobility of your spinal joints and the position of your vertebrae. The chiropractic adjustment is safe and effective.


What to expect at your first Chiropractic visit

Your first visit with Johanna or Angelo will be about 45 minutes long and include a medical history, a spinal examination and postural assessment, orthopedic, muscle and neurological testing, and your first treatment. If required, Johanna or Angelo may refer you to get x-rays in order to have better idea of the current state of your spine.

On your second visit, there will be discussion of any changes to your condition, report of findings, reassessment and treatment. This will take about 15 minutes.

Ongoing visits are usually 15 minutes long and offer treatment & periodic comparative assessments.

Chiropractor near Macquarie Park – Chiropractic education

Both Johanna and Angelo undertook 5 years of tertiary training (3 years Bachelor of Chiropractic Science, followed by a 2 year Masters of Chiropractic at Macquarie University).

While there are various styles of Chiropractic, our Chiropractors Johanna and Angelo can adapt their technique to suit people of all ages and body types, from newborns & pregnant mums to, adults, athletes and the elderly.

From your very first visit Ryde Chiropractor’s Johanna or Angelo will work with your body to provide adjustments that best fit your individual needs.


Chiropractor near Macquarie Park – Fees

An initial consultation with either Dr Johanna McFadgen or Dr Angelo Marketos is $110.

Subsequent consultations are $65.

*Health Fund rebates are available on the spot.

Chiropractor near Macquarie Park. Why Choose Us?

  • Johanna and Angelo have both obtained the highest Chiropractic qualifications available.
  • Health fund rebates are available for all of our services. (We can swipe your card on the spot!)
  • All sessions are carried out in a private, clean, air-conditioned rooms.
  • Appointments are available early (from 7am) to late (8:30pm) and everywhere inbetween so you don’t have to skip work for your appointment.
  • Parking is easy. (Free parking is available at the door).


If you’re looking for a Chiropractor near Macquarie Park, it’s worth the drive to North Ryde!