Integrative General Practice (GP) & Nutrigenomics

‘As an Integrative GP, my focus is disease prevention, and on assisting my patients achieve and maintain optimal health.’

– Dr Vinesh Singh | Ryde Natural Health Clinic

What is an Integrative GP?

The aim of an Integrative GP is to assist you to achieve and then maintain optimal health. Optimal health is about more than simply the covering-over of symptoms, it’s about identifying the root causes of poor health and then taking steps to address those root causes.

Integrative general practice can still utilise all of the tried and trusted methods that are currently used by mainstream GP’s but as well as doing this it also aims to take a look at the bigger picture of a patient’s health- considering all aspects of your lifestyle including sleep, stress levels, activity levels, nutrition, supplementation, mental health and other environmental factors. Through a combination of genomic testing, functional testing, as well as conventional western medical tests, Dr Vinesh Singh can guide you along the path from sickness to lasting health.

  • Our Integrative General Practitoner (GP) and Nutrigenomics Practitioner:

    Dr. Vinesh Singh

    Integrative GP & Nutrigenomics Practitioner Dr. Vinesh SinghDr. Vinesh Singh is a holistic general practitioner (GP) who completed his medical degrees in the United Kingdom before recently immigrating to Australia. He is passionate about addressing all aspects of one’s health rather than just treating symptoms as they arise, and emphasises lifestyle change as a means of treating and preventing disease.

Who does our Integrative GP, Dr Vinesh Singh, work with?

Apart from working with otherwise healthy people who wish to maintain or improve their health, Dr Singh also has a particular interest in working with patients who need assistance with:

  • Weight loss/ control.
  • Enhancing health to improve sports performance
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS- Abdominal cramps, bloating, erratic bowel habits, wind etc).
  • Chronic fatigue and General tiredness
  • Insomnia and poor sleep quality
  • Low iron-levels
  • Men’s health concerns (fertility, erectile dysfunction, weight management, prostate heath, testosterone level management).
  • Women’s health concerns(heavy or painful periods, mood swings, sweats, unexplained weight gain, acne, recurrent miscarriage, fertility issues.
  • Allergies

Not sure if this approach is right for you?

If you’re not sure if an Integrative GP approach is appropriate for you, you are welcome to book in a complimentary 15-minute face-to-face chat with Dr Singh, to determine if his approach will be beneficial and effective for you.

To schedule this complimentary session, either call clinic reception on 9878 5021, or book online here.

How to get started:

Dr Singh is available for appointments 7am – 1pm on Thursdays and 2pm – 9pm on Fridays. Appointments essential.

Your first and second appointments with Dr Singh will be approximately 1-hour in duration, and cost $300 each.

Following appointments are $150 for a half-hour appointment, or $300 if a one-hour appointment is required.

**Please note that this fee and referred testing is non-rebateable with Medicare or Private Health Funds.


To book an appointment with our Integrative GP, call Ryde Natural Health Clinic’s reception desk between 8am and 8pm, 7 days, on 9878 5021. Alternatively, you can book online here.