Paediatric Care

Everybody wants the best for their kids, especially when they are not feeling their best. Here at Ryde Natural Health Clinic, we provide Paediatric Care to children of all ages – newborns to teenagers. We have expert practitioners that can assist with a wide range of childhood conditions and symptoms.

Chiropractic & Osteopathy

Our Chiropractors and Osteopaths may be able to assist your child with many paediatric complaints from poor posture, balance and coordination, to headaches and low back pain. They may also be able to assist with unsettled or irritable babies, colic and reflux, delayed motor development or milestones and range of motion issues affecting attachment in breastfeeding, as well as plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).

To find out more about Chiropratic and our practitioners click here, or for Osteopathy information click here.

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Our practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine utilise acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies to treat symptoms in children including skin sensitivities, allergies, fatigue and tiredness, stomach aches, irritable bowel symptoms and neurological conditions including epilepsy and some forms of paralysis.

Chinese herbal remedies and acupuncture are safe and effective in relieving many paediatric conditions, and are particularly useful for those parents and children seeking a more natural alternative.

You can find out more about TCM and our practitioners by clicking here.


Naturopathy uses both traditional and the most recent evidence-based methods to reach your health, through nutrition and supplements.

Our Naturopaths can oversee and guide dietary habits of children and provide natural supplements if needed to support healthy growth and learning. Assessing and addressing possible deficiencies or allergies can go a long way in improving energy, concentration and focus, along with addressing symptoms relating to digestive and immune conditions.

Find out more about Naturopathy here.

Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates

Our Physiotherapists and Clinical Pilates Instructors can assess functional movement in children, and provide individualised exercise plans to support correct posture, spinal alignment and core strength, flexibility, agility and coordination.

To find out more about Physiotherapy clickhere. You can learn more about Clinical Pilates here.


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